Matt Withrow

About Matt

Matt is the creator of TrafficPayment and oversees the day-to-day operations at The Payment Group. He enjoys the challenges that come with owning a vibrant, growing company. Matt’s philosophy is to hire individuals with talent and give them space to develop their skills and abilities. This approach has been key to the success of TPG. He enjoys all sports, particularly baseball, hunting, grilling and spending time with friends and family.

Leigh Sides
Director of Business Development

About Leigh

Leigh has been with TPG since 2009 and has developed the sales and marketing division of the company and has built relationships with TPG’s business partners. Her background as a business owner and as a sales and advertising executive, combined with her experience in commercial real estate finance, all contribute to benefit the growth of The Payment Group. Leigh enjoys traveling, cooking, volunteering in her community and spending time with her family.

Julie Confalone
Director of Operations

About Julie

Julie has been with TPG since 2011 and has experience in business operations and management. Her background in financial printing led her to deal with Fortune 500 Companies requiring high-level customer service and heavy project management. Julie oversees the client management staff and telephone supervisor staff while managing court clients and operations. Julie enjoys hiking, gardening and family get-togethers.